Tour Utah’s National Parks

You haven’t really seen America until you’ve seen the wide open spaces of the American West. When you visit the rocky plateaus, cavernous canyons, and rugged mountains of this region, you’ll begin to understand the imprint that the settling of the west left on the American psyche. Come explore the place where cultures clashed and ordinary men and women came to tempt fate and find fortune. You can see it all through a tour of Utah’s National Parks.

zion-national-park-utahZion National Park

Zion National Park provides a thrilling experience at any season, whether you come to splash in the cool canyon creeks during summer or take in the snow-capped mountains during winter.

Capitol Reef National Park

This national park contains several historic buildings that give you insight into the life of a settler. Tour the old homestead, peer in the windows of the one-room school house, or pluck some free fruit from the orchards planted by the first settlers.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Let your imagination run wild at Bryce Canyon, where whimsical orange rock formations known as “hoodoos” populate miles and miles of canyon and leave you marveling at the beautiful strangeness of western geology.

Canyonlands National Park

A visit to Canyonlands National Park will leave you marveling at the sheer amount of open space available in Utah. The vistas stretch out on either side of the park roads, and virtually any spot you choose to pause at merits scenic overlook status.

Arches National Park

Arches National Park is beloved for its slick-rock biking and iconic, picture-perfect vistas featuring natural rock arches. It also contains some great examples of Native American rock art.

As long as we’re dreaming to travelling all those parks, I keep getting caught up in slot machines! So it’s definitely time to get it booked and leave for the great journey!

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